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How to boost your eCommerce with LinkedIn

How to use LinkedIn to boost your eCommerce Business

We all are familiar with how challenging it is to have an eCommerce platform. Finding the right customer leading to conversion is an ongoing process. Did you know you could use LinkedIn to boost your eCommerce business online? Yes, everyone ...
How can online shop accept global credit card payments

How a small online shop can go global and start accepting global payments

Utilising the Internet to expand sales and offer new customer services is almost common sense today. However, setting up a reliable system is still easier said than done. An efficient credit card merchant account should accept all major credit cards as a first step. Accepting credit card payments over the Internet, mobile phone, or even through mail payments opens a business to a wider audience. Linking mobile devices with credit cards can offer another avenue of payment. Just as many gas stations now utilise a key fob for pay-at-the-pump convenience. With well-implemented mobile and Internet payment portals, any salesperson can execute their own sales while on the road.  So start accepting global payments should be the first step for small online business on the journey to go global.

Beyond accepting credit card payment and all global payments, online services can be expanded to provide customer account management tools. Allowing clients to view orders resolve invoices, and request paperwork and receipts at any time of the day or night without the need to spend manpower is crucial. Recurring orders can be established for efficient business-to-business transactions and for supply chain management.

All You Need To Know About Woocomemerce

E-commerce is one of the most profitable online business opportunities on the Internet today. In comparison to traditional brick and mortar businesses, e-commerce site requires minimal start-up cost and is relatively low-risk. However, that does not imply creating an e-commerce business is a simple process. To produce a successful online storefront there are so many platforms and options out in the market, most of which exist to facilitate your life. If you have a WordPress based website and want to boost its web presence with the least possible stress, WooCommerce can help you!

email marketing

Email Marketing: 1 Easy way to Increase Sales

While starting a business today is much easier than before, running a successful business has proven to be a quite challenging task. There is strong competition in every market and business owners are constantly looking for a way to increase revenue and expand their business operations with email marketing. One of the things that must be included in your general business strategy is customer retention. Customer retention is defined in different ways, but the simplest description is that customer retention represents the number of customer relationships that a business can keep in the long run once there are established.

8 tips for a killer marketing campaign

8 Tips to prepare a killer email marketing campaign



A lot of businesses struggle with finding the right email marketing campaign tips. There is a reason for that, doing the right email marketing campaign can bring significant growth, it is not easy. Every person is subjected to tons of email promotions, yours is just one of them. But if you do it properly, your email campaign might actually stick out. So you have to be very careful, and you have to focus your attention on your audience! Presenting the right information to the right audience will also increase your customer retention opportunities!

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