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free loyalty program platforms
Posted on 12.12.2017
Written by Eva Ciga

According to studies, only 3 percent of new customers return to make another purchase. This alarming statistic has led to the development of unique tactics to address customer retention. One of the most popular strategies is the use of loyalty programs.  

A well-crafted loyalty program offers numerous benefits including; customer retention, building personal relationships, creating brand advocates, attract new visitors, and more.  

As a new online store operating on a tight budget, it might be difficult to allocate funds for an expensive loyalty program. This is not to mean; you are not interested in retaining the customers you have acquired. In fact, for your business to grow it’s crucial it adapts to the evolving technology and stands out to attract and retain more customers.  

So do you stare at the situations hands in pockets? You don’t have to; there are free loyalty programs designed to help new businesses; like yours, to increase sales via customer engagement. Some of the best free loyalty programs include; 



Airloop is a comprehensive digital loyalty platform designed to help businesses to improve retention, increase referrals, and generate social media. It’s a reliable program that offers an incredible strategy to create, manage, and monitor loyalty program. Besides, this platform allows you to provide enticing promotional rewards and take advantage of your referrals.  

This is a well-crafted platform that provides creative ways to engage customer for high-end customer value. Additionally, it gives you easy access to the most important customer data thereby helping you to align your business with the most profitable customers. It’s an easy way to maximize the value derived and delivered to each customer.  

The platform is free, and no card, codes, or apps is required to get started. In addition, the program integrates seamlessly with mobile devices, and it can be extended to social media platforms. It’s also fully customizable and is easy to set up.  


Airloop is driven by its incredible desire to achieve product excellence and help its user operate with the best integrity standard possible. For this reason, the platform has a set of great features which include; 

  • Exceptionally crafted system: 

The platform offers an exceptionally designed system that provides the core pillars of establishing a lasting, mutual trust with your customers. Each Airloop account offers; 

  1. Unlimited customers 
  1. Dedicated phone number 
  1. Unlimited rewards 
  1. Free iPad app 
  1. Unlimited marketing campaigns 
  1. Dedicated merchants support 
  1. Printable door stickers 
  1. Analytic dashboard 
  1. In-store welcome kit 
  • Simplicity: 

Airloop is a special digital loyalty program that is focused and simple in all aspects.  

  • Excellent user experience; 

The platform provides an amazing experience to all your customers, which is paramount to customer retention.  


It’s very easy to get started with this loyalty program software. It takes four steps to get your customer excited about the reward.  

Step 1: download the tablet app 

The tablet application is only available on the Apple Appstore, but plans are in place to bring it on the Google Playstore.  

Step 2: customize your kiosk 

Airlopp provides an easy to use dashboard where users can upload background images, brand logo, rewards, and the marketing messages.  

Step 3: present the reward and collect data 

Once everything is set, its easy for all your customer to sign up to the program. You do not have to hand out cards, and no punch card is needed.  

Step 4: relay targeted marketing messages 

The platform helps you to reach out to the customers from the dashboard with personalized messages and customized marketing campaigns 



Salesmachine is an incredible, real-time customer scoring software designed to help business to reduce churn and increase conversion. The platform manages the lifecycle of your customers with notification, alert, and email sequence based on their status and behavior.  

The platform has reliable tracking tools which collect vital information and customer interaction with your product, location, and email activities and more. It allows you to group your customers based on their actions. Besides, it helps you to create custom customer segments to monitor customers who need assistance, who are not activated, who risk churning and those that require a coupon to pay.  

This loyalty program monitors the health and activity of your customers and helps you to focus on high-value customers. The platform is super easy to use, and in case of any complication, they have a team of knowledgeable staff to help you.  

Although it’s not completely free, the software has a free version which provides unlimited users and up to 1000 contacts.  


The key Salesmachines features include; 

  • Real-time customer scoring 
  • Automatic tasks, notifications, and emails 
  • Customer success workflow 
  • Behavior-triggered emails 
  • Smart notification 
  • User lifecycle and customer health 
  • Proactive churn prevention 
  • Customer segmentation 
  • Live activity stream 


This is a great platform that provides everything your business needs to grow. So how does the platform work? 

Step 1: Health dashboard 

You get the freedom to monitor the health of your customer at every stage of the lifecycle. The dashboard provides essential tools which include; custom health score, portfolio management, onboarding, adoption, retention, and upsell. 

Step 2: get alerts 

The platform automatically tracks your customers’ health and deliver instant alerts when they require attention. The alerts include; Health alert, business alert, and real-time alert.  

Step 3: Understand your customers 

Salesmachine offers contact and account profiles provides all you need to understand your customers including; actions on your services/product, status history, contact information, and more. The success is achieved via essential features which include; dynamic fields, event tracking, enrichment, productivity, health score, integration, email activity, permission, and analytics.  

Step 4: analyze customer base and automate team process 

The software makes it easy to establish the impact of your customer base in your revenue through custom segments, notification, and daily reports. 

It also makes it easier to automate the process of your team with notifications, playbooks, tasks, and emails to deliver hands-on customer success. The automation is achieved via to do, auto emails, notifications, slack notification, email tasks, and multi-steps.  

Step 5: deliver automate, personalized messages 

Salesmachine helps you to come up with an automated success campaigns via delays, email and layout manager, opens/clicks, segment triggered, event triggered, text/HTML/liquid.  





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