10 Ways to Attract Visitors to Your Website

Attract Visitors To Your Website
Posted on 5.12.2017
Written by Eva Ciga

Find out 10 ways on how to attract visitors to your new website 

So you have a professionally designed website dominated by a great portfolio of gorgeous products and services, but your traffic is letting you down. You certainly know more traffic translates to more sales, but none of your techniques seem to illuminate your path.  

Getting your website out of that obscure corner is eminently doable. However, truth be told, attracting a few hundred or even thousands of visitors monthly is not easy. The internet is unforgiving, and unless you adopt stringent measures, you will never build a consistent stream of online traffic. You must roll the sleeves and get ready to the task because the online world is a harsh attention economy.  

If you dedicate time and creativity using our techniques, you will get not only more visitors but also the right type of visitors. Ready? Here we go! 

#1. Optimize your website for search engines 

You will agree with me that the hardest, yet the best way to get free traffic is optimizing your site for search engines. The market share is dominated by Google, Yahoo, and Bing.  

Google holds the biggest market share at 70% and stands out as a great source of consistent free traffic. For this reason, the competition is enormous and to win a slice of the pie you need to publish topnotch content and audit your site to ensure it’s perfectly optimized for Google.  

On the other hand, although Yahoo and Bing don’t own the market share of Google, they can bring commendable visitors. Yahoo and Bing have a unique ranking algorithm which takes into account Facebook likes and tweets. If you want to rank higher on these sites be active on Twitter and Facebook.  

Ranking on the three most popular search engines will help you to cast a wider net for free traffic. It will bring you a decent amount of traffic and contribute immensely to the profitability of your business.  

#2. Offer some irresistible free offers 

Giving away some of your best content, services, or product for free is a great way of earning priceless publicity. This is a frequently undervalued strategy that can work magic when utilized reasonably.  

It is an incredible primary driver that creates an avenue for customer/traffic acquisition. Free offers entice more customers into your sales funnel and initiate a valuable channel to the higher ticket items. However, it not as easy as it sounds, if you go about this in a wrong way you will end up falling flat on your face. 

Take into account your potential audience to tailor the free offer to the sales funnel. The better the free offer is tailored to your sales funnel, the easier your traffic will move up the ticket prices.  

#3. Create an amazing blog 

Blogging is a primary, key generator of traffic in the modern internet arena. If you are serious about increasing your traffic, you need to create an amazing blog. Come up with an effective strategy or a clearly defined roadmap to help you stay afloat.   

A good blog is not an update when you have an exhibition or new client.  It’s not a personal diary where you narrate your life, on art, musing, or the universe. An amazing blog should contain fresh/updated and relevant content. It is the kind that delivers outstandingly valuable, entertaining, and useful content to grab the attention of potential visitors. You also need to keep your blog off the ground by constantly analyzing your online marketing efforts. Track the statistics and determine what brings traffic and eliminate futile strategies or content.  

#4.  Guest posting 

Although many believe that guest posting is all about getting links, that’s not the case. Getting free traffic should be the core aim when writing guest posts on a high traffic blog within your niche. It’s not unethical to rely on popular blog’s audience, in fact, the blog in question will also benefit from your effort. 

Guest posting is one of the most effective ways to get your site on the radar of potential customers or visitors. It helps you to rank high thereby earning you a steady flow of traffic. There are a plethora of strategies you can utilize to make a big impression. Key to all is submitting great irresistible content that will help you to leverage the opportunity.  

One great post could earn you hundreds of new visitors to your site. However, many people make a mistake by submitting second rate articles and retaining the best stuff for their site.  

One underutilize guest posting strategy is finding out editors of high traffic sites and following them on social media platforms. Connect with them and pitch your guest post idea.  

#5. Leverage social media marketing 

Social media; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, and Stumbleupon, are getting popular by the day. Most of these platforms have changed algorithms thereby making it easier to leverage them to generate more traffic. They present an intriguing way to gain exposure to your website or business.  

However, unless you have a vivid plan, you may end up losing time without recording any meaningful benefit. Actually, dominating these platform is no easy feat, it demands a lot of time, effort, and creativity to build a worthwhile profile.  But once you get everything right, you will enjoy a consistent stream of visitors to your site.  

#6. Make sure your website is responsive 

The number of mobile users is on a high, and so is the number of searches via mobile phones. According to one study, the number of mobile searches has recorded a dramatic rise, and 28% of them are converting within a short time.  

Therefore, building a mobile responsive website is a necessity in the modern internet web.  A mobile-friendly website allows potential visitors to access the site from any devices including the small smartphones.  

Creating a mobile version of your site is not easy. For this reason its advisable to adopt a highly responsive design or use a plugin to optimize your site for mobile devices. Besides, you can use the accelerated mobile pages; a trend in the modern search marketing.  

#7. Leverage the power of email marketing 

Email is a powerful marketing tool that can bring an uptick in your traffic. For this reason, it’s a wise strategy to collect the contact information of your visitors’ right from the first day. This way it will be easier for you to attract repeat visitors and address the concerns of those who leave without buying.  

You should also build valuable email newsletters that will oblige your readers to share them with friends and relatives. Also, improve your follow-up strategy and send a friendly, relevant, and targeted reminder to ultimately increase your referral traffic.  

#8. Utilize affiliate programs 

Affiliates programs also known as an associate or reseller programs are great ways of generating online traffic. It’s an incredible way that helps you to promote your website/business via a hundred or even thousands of websites.  

A notable benefit of the affiliate programs is that you only pay a commission for every buying customer. It’s a low-risk option of getting more customers to your site since you only pay the affiliate when you make money.  

What’s more; affiliate programs present a superb way to automate traffic generation. Your affiliates do all the selling thereby increasing your sales on a daily basis.  

#9. Leverage forums 

Forums can also be a great source of free traffic for your website. However, caution must be taken when engaging participants on the ideal forum. Do not just drop links to your website on the forums and leave; you will probably be suspended.  

To generate commendable traffic from forums in your niche, focus on helping people with genuine posts. If your content is straightforward and helpful, you will build a good rapport with your potential customers. Then, using the reputation, you can start to recommend products in your store.  

#10. Tap the viral community 

Another great way of generating online traffic is leveraging the viral community via platforms like Reddit. Reddit has the main page, and in numerous niches called subreddits which amass the most popular online content. Pay attention to the threads that will be of help to your website.  

Identify your ideal subreddit and make precise posts to display the essence of your website/new store. Your post should be catchy, snappy, and not, so sales oriented. To be on the safe side read the Redditquette guide and adhere to every instruction. Additionally, check the subreddit guidelines and avoid operating on the extremes.  


Our article has covered commendable ground, but you should understand that none of these strategies is a quick fix. It takes persistence and consistency to derive any meaningful benefit from these methods. Besides, the strategies require a lot of effort and time to bear fruits, but once the benefits start to trickle, you will not regret.  

Once these techniques stick, you will enjoy the benefits of every hour spent on marketing. Your website will start attracting consistent swarms of new visitors.  The next thing you should know that visitors do not translate to conversions. Therefore, once you generate traffic, you should target to turn the visitors into buyers.   

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