Posted on 7.5.2018
Written by Eva Ciga

So you have turned your idea into a reality by launching an exciting apparel brand. Bravo! Now it’s time to roll the sleeves and stride your brand to the upper echelon. Marketing has been a major stumbling block to the growth and sustainability of many startup apparel brands. Gone are the times when fashion lines would offer quality to lure customers to buy; nowadays it’s more than that. We are in the heights of cut-throat competition, and without implementing killer marketing strategies, you cannot succeed.

Searching for the best way to promote your brand? Social media engagement and online marketing are the best channels for promoting a newly launched fashion line because they don’t demand vast resources (time and money). Better still, more and more customers are buying apparel online, and it’s much easier to reach your target audience via these ways. If you are looking to grab attention, make connections, and create marketing campaigns that reign, here are seven killer tips to apply.

1. Get a great logo and a catchy tagline

The first option to enhance apparel brand recognition is the business logo. Your logo is a crucial channel that can leave a lasting impression on your target audience and pull them to your products. It’s the face of your brand and how simple or intricate it should depend on your target market. Just think about a sports fashion brand like Nike, their logo is simple but iconic whereas high-end fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton and Gucci have detailed and multifaceted logos. Contract the services of a professional designer to get an incredible business logo done. At first, the logo might bring an insignificant difference, but in the long-run, it will bring immense benefits.

Having a business logo is a good thing but tying the logo to a catchy slogan, tagline, or rallying cry is remarkable. Get a beguiling tagline that connects emotionally with your audience to add an extra dimension to your brand. Well-known fashion brands have mastered the art of crafting compelling taglines which is a secret to their success. Just think about these slogans:

  • LEVI’S: A style for every story
  • Nike: Just do it
  • Calvin Klein: Nothing comes between me and my Calvins
  • Diesel: Be stupid


2. Tap into your audience

Did you know that your brand can be a killer marketing tool? Logo aside, you brand underpins your marketing strategies. However, the backbone of the success of your apparel brand is the target audience. Before you invest in rigorous marketing campaigns, you must know and understand your audience. Knowing what they care about most will set the foundation for an amazing brand and perfect marketing.

The audience is the ultimate resource of raw emotion, pure knowledge, and authentic grit. They are the reason you launched the apparel brand, interact with them and get to the bottom of what they think. Gathering information from your audience can be intimidating, but do not let fear scuttle your ladder to success. You need this data to masterfully implement innovative marketing techniques.

When tapping into your audience you must be resolute.  Don’t make the mistake that many startups make; trying to net everyone. Take a targeted approach and focus on a specific group of the audience before spreading your wings to other segments. The segregated technique helps you grow systematically and maintain cost-effective and convenient marketing.

3. Be exuberant on social media

Everyone appreciates the significance of social media in marketing fashion products. There are numerous social media platforms, and it can be overwhelming to choose where to start. These platforms have become the go-to channels for startups in creating brand awareness and shaping its identity. Whether its Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter you must be smart about how you use your platforms to derive optimal benefits. Just posting products will not be enough; it takes interesting messages to attract, engage, and convert your target audience.

For a start, you don’t need to hire social media executives to market your products on popular social media sites. You can focus on things such as paid Facebook campaigns which target potential consumers and are great for small businesses. The campaigns only start from a few dollars, and they make your debut into the foray of social media recognition more budget-friendly.

However, with time you will have to advance your social media marketing strategies. You will have to rely on unique technical intricacy to come up with cover designs for Facebook pages and Linkedin. Keep in mind, the Return on Investment (ROI) of social media marketing is low for startups and SME’s. For this reason, it’s wise to go for a social media package with a design that marries the trends, your business model, and other aspects that aid your marketing campaign.

Alternatively, leverage the power of social media as a storytelling medium. Be cheeky with all posts and find the most interesting way to express your brand’s personality. Better still, aligning the posts, shares, and tweets with your brand story can be a great sales booster.

4. Find a niche influencer

It’s not easy to do things the way of well-known fashion brands, but you can copy a thing or two from their strategies. Established brands find a niche influencer to promote their brands online. You do not have to go for an A-list celebrity; its difficulty for a startup. We are in a modern epoch of social media celebrity, therefore, finding a good influencer should not be difficult. If you are offering fashion wear, you will be spoilt for choice by the plethora of fashionistas online. On the other hand, if its fitness apparel, approach that friend or person who always posts or shares pictures of them during workout sessions.

5. Leverage video marketing

According to statistics, 500+ millions of video content is viewed on YouTube every day.  More videos are being published on a daily basis, and taking your video marketing to the next level can be a masterstroke. Join the bandwagon and craft cool videos that will engage your target audience and blatantly promote your apparel brand. Deviate from the norm, make videos that will be interesting, instructional, promotional, and engaging at the same time.

In addition, take your game a notch higher and find a YouTube, brand ambassador. If you have the funds, find a well-known celebrity, but if you are budget-conscious scour YouTube and find an undiscovered talent that will help your brand grow. Take the opportunity to nurture the talent, when they make it big your apparel brand will gain the exposure that cannot be achieved through other means. Although this might be a difficult strategy, it brings faster ROI.

6. Do not underestimate customer retention

Many startups are obsessively fixated on acquiring new customers and spend a fortune to accomplish this. They completely disregard customer retention which should be accorded equal efforts and resources as the acquisition. Acquiring new customers can cost up to seven times more than customer retention. However, the results are the direct opposite; if you keep existing customers happy, they will purchase more and more from your store and even recommend family and friends to buy your products. You need to balance between acquisition and customer retention. The cost of a single customer acquisition backed by a fractional retention cost can work magic for your brand.

7. Try discounts and offers

Apparel products are seasonal, and you must hit the chords flawlessly to maintain a steady stream of customers. The success of your business during the low season will boil down to your pricing strategy. Discounts and promotional offers attract eyeballs and are welcome to customers in the fashion sector. Come up with irresistible limited time offers that will trigger shoppers to purchase within the stipulated time window.

The timing of your offers and discounts should be on point. The best time for the offers is during the festivals such as New Year and Christmas. During these periods you can compromise on the return expectations since it’s only for a short run. Do your calculations and create compelling festive discount on selected products.

Alternatively, you can communicate the discounts and offers through emails. Utilize your email list wisely and do not get over-ambitious or send too many emails; customers might block you on their email. Also, come up with an interesting excuse for your promotional offer; a line or two that will catch the attention of your target customer and prompt them to take advantage of the offer.


The perceived glamour and fun associated with the modern fashion industry attracts many fashion designers. In fact, the fairytales narrations of success have been the major reason this market niche continues to experience an influx of apparels brands. However many of these brands fail miserably because they do not implement strategic marketing plans.

Don’t sail in the boat of failures! Utilize the tactics above to take your business to a new level. The strategies are effective, but all depend on the execution. If you want any of the tactics to bring the desired results be sure to invest in the right channel for promoting your apparel brand.


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