Consumer Electronic Brands: 7 Proven Marketing Strategies

7 marketing strategies for consumer electronic brands
Posted on 23.5.2018
Written by Eva Ciga

When it comes to consumer products, it’s clear that most of them have quickly transformed into smart, digital, or cloud-based thanks to technological innovations. Frequent shifts on the internet have made it hard for tech brands to grow fast to the next level. Of course, there are there are great marketing techniques for consumer electronics brands, such as experimental marketing and attending the largest consumer electronics show. But how can the tech brands attract the attention of potential customers in today’s competitive world?

Well, many brands have no idea what marketing strategies they should apply to increase their sales. Ideally, an effective lead-generation and marketing process should help you generate a substantial number of potential leads for your business. It should also reach a large target audience as well as track the number of leads your company gets. In the process, you will be able to measure the cost and ROI and know what marketing tactics to use. But this requires a lot of planning and strategy to achieve success. You need to have solid marketing strategies for your business.

According to recent research, a well-planned brand marketing campaign brings approximately three times the leads compared to any other outbound marketing strategy. All this at a reduced cost. Isn’t that great? Yes, it is, but what are some of these marketing tactics that prove to drive traffic to your tech brand?

Here are the seven most effective marketing strategies for consumer electronic brands you need to use to get impressive results.

Understand your Market and Audience

A great way to increase your consumer brand reach and visibility is to enhance your engagement within the industry. First, you must know and understand your market well. Know the exact audience you will be targeting with your marketing campaign.

Join social media groups and search for electronic niches to target. There are so many social media platforms with hundreds of people willing to connect with you and promote your purpose. Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo answers, Quora, etc. are just some few examples where you can ignite a conversion on your market and get some good response.

For a start, go for one that you’re familiar with such as selling iPhones and connect with the community. Then you can start promoting your iPhone brand, and you have a better chance of succeeding in your business. It’s a simple marketing strategy that many marketers ignore. Don’t fall into this trap, identify your audience and match their demand with the right services.

Email Marketing

Personalized email marketing is an effective marketing tactic these days. In fact, it’s described as the cornerstone of consumer brand marketing. Most people who visit your site will not make a purchase immediately. Unfortunately, many businesses are hesitant to try it because they fear their marketing outreach emails may be seen as spam. But if you follow the right email marketing guidelines, be assured of a clean email that can reach your potential customers on time.

When it comes to personalized email broadcasting and marketing, you need to have a target audience. You can use interactive content features such as photos, videos, GIF and more depending on your interest in your target audience. You can also offer something like a free service trial, a free digital download for software, site membership, a seat at a webinar, a coupon, etc. Make sure your email text stand out and geared towards helping your customers so that they can’t wait to subscribe to your email marketing campaign.

Invest in Social Media Marketing

Use of social media for your business is a broad step that can elevate you to success.

Research shows that 67 percent of potential customers seek customer support from social media platforms, and 33 percent prefer to use social media rather than the telephone. Ideally, if people cannot find your electronics brand on social platforms, they may end up in your competitors’ hands especially those with social media channels.

Having social accounts makes it easy for customers to find you. Many businesses are now realizing the need to invest in marketing campaigns to grow their social media audiences.

For instance for Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, you can use banner ads to target users. Ads excel through advanced targeting. They allow you to narrow down to a specific target audience based on location, sex, interests, online behavior, and other behaviors.

Twitter now has social advertising options through promoted tweets which can get you a huge following.

Instagram users and followers of great influencers in different industries are looking to buy something new such as trendy electronic gadget promoted by these individuals. When you build an active audience, you can build a reliable sales channel.

In the end, the idea should be investing in identifying potential customers and how to approach them.

Paid Social Promotion

For businesses looking for accurate results, paid promotion on different social media platforms works well. With social media accounts, it’s easier to target a large audience with paid ads and banners. It’s a great way to market your content to potential customers who are interested in your product and want to be associated with your brand to contribute towards building a loyal customer base in future.

A great example of paid promotion is Facebook Ads. Many small and mid-sized consumer brands have an advertisement campaign on Facebook. It’s one of the most affordable and active way to market your brand to any audience.

Consumer brands can invest in effective social reporting tools to make the process of creating target Ads easier. Creating the ads is quite easy. Just create a catchy headline, an interesting description copy, an image or short video, and a link.

On Facebook, the Ads Manager makes it simple to run multiple ads. Thus any business owner can identify a winning strategy in placing their ads and reach the right audience without technical expertise. But it needs some patience and persistence, but these social media platforms have the right tools to help you flourish.

Focus on Long Tail Keywords in Your Phrases

If you have an online business focused on consumer electronic brands, you need to know that it’s important to have an effective SEO marketing strategy. In this case, search engines are your key asset that you need to bring quality visitors and potential customers to your website. This means that you need to rank high on search engines for specific keywords.

SEO is a complex subject, and there is something new to learn every day. Although it’s not easy, it’s not hard to crack some basics that might go a long way in finding the right audience for your business. To rank high, you must have a plan in place, execute it and wait for the results patiently. In fact, it can take years to build your rankings, but it’s all part of the process. Most webmasters don’t have the patience to stick to a long-term strategy for years before they start ranking for certain keywords.

However, there are other quicker ways to get traffic from these search engines. Target long-tailed keyword phrases that have little competition compared to popular keywords. This will produce more target customers that will turn into repeat clients.

Target Great Influencers beyond Social Media

If you understand your audience, you know that social media alone is not the only channel to reach out to your target audience. We have a large section of people who are influencer either in business, entertainment, fashion, etc. That means to get even more traffic for your business; you need to bring some of these influencers aboard by contacting them directly.

Look for influencers with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of followers on different social media platforms. Reach out to them directly (not through social media), and ask them to check out your content or product and maybe suggest what the audience might like. Get them interested to promote your brand by sharing with their followers.

Partner with other Local Business Groups

Every business owner loves to be in good cause, and so do your customers. Teamwork is an effective way to combine resources with other businesses to help achieve things you could never accomplish on your own.

The best way to go about it is to target organizations in your local areas. These businesses or groups will help boost your visibility and your prospects will know that you care about the community and want to give them better. This will increase trust, and these customers will choose you over your competitors.

Make sure you work on a complementary arrangement that will be mutually beneficial to both businesses. There is no limit, so you can get involved with any business you want. Just identify a path that is compatible with your business and tap into that gap in a mutually beneficial way.


It’s no doubt that the power of technology is changing the world rapidly.  There are great marketing methods you can use to change the nature of your consumer brand. Most digital marketers understand that marketing a brand is the pillar of every business and it should be taken seriously.

These marketing ideas apply across all kinds of consumer electronic businesses whether you’re looking to start or expand. Furthermore, in such a competitive world, marketing isn’t just word-mouth. You need to have a strong marketing campaign for your online community. Try them and the results won’t disappoint.

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