Online Marketing

Although our main focus is payments, we do care about the success of online businesses. With posts covering various sales and marketing topics, we would like to share our experience and also any interesting reads we come across.

Posted on 7.5.2018

So you have turned your idea into a reality by launching an exciting apparel brand. Bravo! Now it’s time to roll the sleeves and […]

Posted on 7.3.2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 is finally here! We at Aretosystems would like to wish you a happy new year and a prosperous 2018. We […]

Posted on 6.2.2018

VISITORS BUT NO SALES?  The juvenile stages of building an e-commerce business are exhilarating. However, many wade through this terrifying phase to launch their online stores and […]

Posted on 23.1.2018

Social Media Marketing Is Not Working For Me, Why?  A good percentage of people on the planet are on social media now. In fact, […]

Posted on 5.12.2017

Find out 10 ways on how to attract visitors to your new website  So you have a professionally designed website dominated by a great portfolio […]

Posted on 31.10.2017

Google analytic is an advent tool that delivers superb results when used correctly. It’s one of the best tools that help e-commerce businesses to […]

Posted on 24.10.2017

If you own an ecommerce store acquiring more customers is essential to your business. But did you know that convincing a customer to buy is the real deal? Here […]

Posted on 22.8.2017

Are your customers captivated with your loyalty program? On the other hand, have they lost interest? Perhaps you have a loyalty program with a large membership, but they […]