Top 7 Useful Tools to Help Increase Your Engagement on Twitter

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Posted on 13.9.2018
Written by Eva Ciga

With over 320 million active users, it’s hard to ignore Twitter as a social media tool. Whether you want to offers services for a wide reach or get local traffic, you need social media as your marketing tool. Twitter improves your brand since users can follow and engage with organizations of interest.

This brings us to the power of Twitter followers and the number you have. It’s only natural to be judgmental on the number of followers on your Twitter account. So what can you do to increase your Twitter followers? Continue reading and you will find some very useful tools for Twitter.

Leveraging the power of Twitter requires some third-party application that complement the features lacking in the main app directly. There are a variety of tools that are designed for a specific use, but most of them are sloppy while others are bombarded with ads. Examining all these tools can be a daunting task, but we have done the hard part.

Here are the top seven twitter management tools to help increase your followers.


HootSuite is among the most favorite tools when we talk of Twitter management, and it has continued to gain popularity amongst the social media elites. With over 10 million users, it’s easy to understand why it’s on our top list as a useful tool to enhance your social media strategy.

To enjoy the benefits of this tool, you have to rely on its engagement features. It is a freemium tool which means that you can use the free plan if you have less than five profiles to manage. For advanced options, you can subscribe to the Pro version of unlimited social profiles at only $5.99 per month.

HootSuite allows you to re-tweet across multiple profiles automatically. It’s also easier to reply to multiple messages and mentions with one click from your dashboard. For the user, this is a great way to track followers who are engaging with you on the social network and makes it easy to respond to each chat.

HootSuite is also a great tool that helps you identify your audience. You can create, import and share lists of things you want with a specific audience. For customer service Twitter accounts, pre-written response feature comes in handy. It allows you to respond to requests quickly.

To leverage the power of this tool, check for regular updates to ensure you keep your audience engaged. This is a good way to enhance a quick response which grows your brand and increases your followers.


AgoraPulse is among the fastest growing social media tools that work for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, along with LinkedIn. It has been of great help for social media experts with an array of features that works across the major social media platforms. Most experts widely accept it because of it’s easy to use interface that has much to offer for Twitter users.

AgoraPulse has also become popular thanks to its unique features that allow you to schedule different posts and social media calendar on when to post your tweets. For repeated sharing of the same content, it has a feature for repeat schedule posts. It’s also easy to monitor your clicks, tweets, and mentions from one screen.

This tool allows you to use different templates to reply to a wide array of tweets. The team feature allows you to assign tweets to users. You will also be able to monitor tweets with the monitoring feature and even share content to your blog or website. It’s is easier to manage multiple Twitter profiles with this tool.

If you want to delete spam messages or get rid of trills, AgoraPulse is the best option. With all these exceptional features, it’s hard to ignore this social media tool for your Twitter activities. is another unique tool that has taken Twitter engagement to the next level. It allows users to collect a list of tweets and curate them automatically or manually in a news format making it easy to share information on your Twitter account. With over 200 million informative articles published daily on, it’s no doubt that it’s a great place for reading and sharing content for individuals and professionals.

This tool also singles out tweets and hashtags with ease making engagement fun. If you want to collect some of the top tweets from your followers or know who mentions a certain hashtag, is the best option.  It’s also a good way to drive traffic to your sites that are mentioned by top users. This can be a great boost for your brand.


Among the best Twitter engagement tools, we cannot miss one of the users’ favorite SocialOomph. It is another freemium tool that allows you to schedule daily tweets, extend your profile, track keywords, and so on with unlimited amounts of Twitter accounts. For advanced features like tweet through email, Facebook scheduling broadcast DMs, manage DM spam, get others updates via email, and more, you can subscribe to the professional packages for $29.97. In addition, you can automate the following capability for your followers and also send a welcome message to new followers for an extra $3.97. Again, you get to choose a plan that suits what you need to keep your Twitter engagement fun and attract new ones.

Twitter Analytics

For better engagement and understanding of your audience, you need twitter analytics tool. It helps to identify your follower’s past successes as well as failures and try to provide the right strategy. Some of the key benefits you get with this tool are ease of access and understanding, built-in tools that save time, complete accuracy, and multiple units to views your account effectively.

Understanding these benefits goes a long way toward ensuring your followers remain engaged. But make sure you provide valuable content as more tweets geared towards informing people is always better. With a variety of tweets, it’s easy to make a good impression to your visitors and as a result, you receive more profile visits during that period.

Twitter Analytics proves to be a handy tool that helps users enjoy a significant upsurge in the number of followers. In addition, it’s easier to identify the user who follows your tweet consistently, adding a comment or retweeting regularly and you can acknowledge him or her as the “Top Follower.” With a valid strategy and quality updates, these tools give you the best experience with your twitter activities, while providing guidance on top tweets, top followers, top mentions, and more.


The buffer is described as the smarter way to tweet. In fact, it’s a great alternative tool for users who enjoy tweeting in short tweets. You can schedule tweets and allocate time for posting each one of them. Although it’s an ideal tool for people who tweet in a chunk, too much of it may drive away followers. For this reason, you need valuable tools to ensure your tweets are distributed efficiently.

The interesting thing about this tool is that after scheduling your tweets, you can post them at the most active time of the day. Distributed tweets across specific active time of the day tend to convert better, and Buffer allows you to get the best experience with your followers while balancing your tweeting schedule to maintain your engagement with your followers.

Buffer is also a freemium tool with an allowance of about ten free posts including one account on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. If you want to track the number of clicks, retweets, potential reach, mentions, as well as favorites for every tweet sent, Buffer is the best option. For a start, you can choose the free option, but if you want to enjoy additional features, you can subscribe to the Pro plan.

Buffer is an ideal tool for tweeting and you schedule a time to commit to other activities. is a significant marketing tool for sending thanking notes to your followers the moment they retweet a certain post. If you have seen followers sending you “thank you” messages for a retweet or “welcome” texts when you follow them, then they are using this tool. It’s also a good way to find your most engaged follower and schedule tweets for a specific time.

The free plan allows you to engage with twenty people which is enough to know the efficiency of your marketing campaigns on Twitter. Of all the Twitter tools that are effective for social media management, is a handy tool if you want to automate activities on your account and increase engagement on your profile.


Over to you. Getting started on Twitter can be daunting, but these tips should help you get started and extend your reach in no time. The key ingredient is to keep your Twitter feed active. In the beginning, you will have few followers and you may see less engagement, but keep on posting and using the right tools and you will grow your following steadily. Create a schedule for tweeting and stick to it for effective results.





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