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Posted on 3.5.2019

The population of Millennial and Gen Z has been growing immensely, and the need to redefine online payments is becoming complex by the day. […]

Posted on 18.7.2017

Arm Your Business with this 10 Practice to Stop Ecommerce Fraud in Its Tracks Fraud costs online businesses at least three billion dollars every […]

Posted on 4.7.2017

The hottest topic online is security breaches in eCommerce Businesses. Always keep an eye for hackers and implement some of our security tips to […]

Posted on 30.5.2017

Utilising the Internet to expand sales and offer new customer services is almost common sense today. However, setting up a reliable system is still […]

Posted on 11.4.2017

I’ve read several articles and posts about the matter relating to various terminologies used in the payments industry. Terminology that covers different types of […]

Posted on 28.3.2017

For those that still wonder what is recurring billing, the answer is that recurring billing is a useful feature that is available by most […]