Skrill Introduces Rapid Transfer for uploading funds to e-wallets

Posted on 10.8.2016
Written by aretosystems_rqs40k

Skrill has maintained an excellent reputation throughout the past few years by delivering innovative online wallet services and alternative payment methods to the people in need. Recently they introduced their instant banking option, named as Rapid Transfer. Rapid Transfer allows the Skrill consumers to upload funds to their online wallet and make online payments right from the bank account without leaving the merchant’s website. The consumers are able to authorize a payment with their bank account details and get benefits from the excellent online security measures of the bank.

Effective payment processing method

Rapid Transfer received much attention as an effective Skrill payment processing method soon after its introduction. At the moment, Rapid Transfer is only available for a selected number of countries including Germany, UK, Austria, Hungary, France, Italy and Spain. However, they are planning to introduce this new online payment gateway to other countries in the future. At the moment, Skrill has established partnerships with more than 100 banks from the countries mentioned above.

Rapid Transfer has taken traditional online banking to a whole new level. This online payment gateway is associated with enhanced security and the consumers can now make payments with peace of mind. In other words, it opens up a faster method of transaction for all online payments. Another impressive feature about Rapid Transfer is that it has been optimized specifically for desktop, mobile and other devices. Using this method, anybody can top up his/her e-wallet.

Rapid Transfer

Most of the people in today’s world prefer to make payments with their mobile devices. If you are looking for new online payment methods that are optimized for mobile devices, you should read this. Rapid Transfer is one of the best options available out there to consider. This online wallet keeps consumers away from multiple log-ins and they will be provided with a quick, seamless and secure experience. It only takes a couple of seconds for Skrill to verify whether the requested funds are available or not. If the funds are available, payment will be made to the merchant instantly. It can keep the consumers away from credit card processing as well.

Merchants appreciate Rapid Transfer

Rapid Transfer has not only impressed consumers, but also the merchants. The merchants will get the opportunity to receive instant payments for products or services that they sell through Skrill’s banking network. Rapid Transfer will not ask the merchants to register with any service in order to receive consumer payments. Moreover, it gives opportunity for the merchants to enjoy higher sales conversion rates. Rapid Transfer comes along with convenient integrated mechanisms as well.

Global credit card processing

This kind of payment method is fast, safe and a secure payment method available for the consumers to make payments to merchants. On the other hand, merchants prefer to receive payments through this method. It´s because of the benefits that are associated with it. Rapid Transfer has addressed the needs of consumers and merchants in today’s digital world. Soon it will be available for people in all parts of the world.

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