Essential Email Campaigns Every Ecommerce Business Must Have

Posted on 20.6.2017
Written by Eva Ciga

Email marketing is considered to be an efficient and affordable way of growing a business and increasing ROI. According to a recent study, every one dollar spent on email campaign brings an average return of forty-five dollars. However, if you want to see these results, you must reach all your clients first. Fortunately, it is not rocket science to achieve this mission. Here are some of the email campaigns every e-commerce company should use to reach customers and increase sales.

New stock notice

If you want to drive more revenue in your business, then you have to encourage repeat purchases in your business. Experts say that it costs five times to get a new customer than it is to acquire a new one. The best way to encourage repeat purchases from clients is by keeping them updated when you bring in new products in your store. Whenever you have brought a new product, send the consumers an email.

Targeted Campaigns & Newsletters

Sending your clients email newsletters has always been considered to be a powerful method of keeping customers up to date with some of the latest promotions and products in your e-commerce company. This method is also perfect for making new customers come back and make more purchases.

What makes this newsletter efficient is the targeting used. When creating a newsletter for your clients, then it is important to keep in mind some practices so that you can win the heart of your customer. Always position the most important information at the top of the letter. Different studies show that attention drops as individuals read your email. Placing your information at the top will ensure that you have the highest clicks.

Review Request Email

Businessmen who have done well in online stores understand the importance of customer reviews on their sites. This is one of the proven ways of significantly increasing conversions in the business. Experts say that items with reviews have a ten percent higher conversion rate.

When a client purchases a product from your online store, it is always crucial to send them a special follow-up email, requesting them to leave a review of the item on your company website. This email marketing strategy is successful because of the single focus of the email. When writing a review request email to your clients, have the following in mind:

  • Always ensure that it is automated. It is possible to send a campaign manually after you make every purchase, but it will consume a lot of your time and resources. The most efficient way is to set up an automated email that will go automatically to all the customers making purchases from your store. This will make everything easier for you.
  • Offer your clients an incentive. Although most people will click your website and leave some comment even when they do not get an incentive, it is always paramount to offer something to motivate the consumer to leave a review. This can be achieved by

providing discounts on future purchases. The discount will encourage the client to make more purchases.

Birthday email

Birthdays are exciting times for everyone. During these days, almost everyone is willing to give themselves a treat. Did you know that sending an email to your clients on their birthday makes them feel special? Setting up an individual automated birthday email to your customers. Especially with a birthday offer will make the customer feel valued and part of the business. The gesture will also make the customers return to your store and make more purchases. To achieve great results when using this strategy, keep these practices in mind.

  • Automate the email always. It is impossible to manually try to send a birthday message to all your customer every year during their birthdays. It will be an organizational nightmare for your business. However, having an automated email campaign can work wonders. The email can serve the company for years.
  • Use beautiful images. If you want people to increase their desire for an item, then it is crucial to use beautiful imagery. Some of the modern most successful online stores have done well because they used professional shot images in their email campaigns. Whenever you are making a special offer to an individual on their birthday email, always include a beautiful image to capture their attention. The image will increase the motivation to get the offer you are giving.
  • Use an action oriented button copy. Many people in business use some genetic words on their buttons such as claim now. However, going for a term that is action oriented and focused like, Get your Chocolate Cake.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Email

Experts say that online shopping carts are abandoned sixty-seven percent of the time on different e-commerce sites. As a business person, never take this personally. Online shopping carts are abandoned for several reasons. However, there are ways of retrieving the forgotten shopping cart. Always send your clients an email shopping cart reminder. These reminder emails have worked effectively for most e-commerce businesses in the world.

Thank You Email

Consumer email campaigns are considered to be very effective. They are as simple as sending a thank you note. These type of emails are known to be the best way of building and maintaining healthy relationships with your online customers. Whenever you are creating these emails, it is always good to thank and praise them for purchasing your product or service. It is also crucial to appreciate the clients for leaving a review or subscribing to your services. We all love to be appreciated, so always show some gratitude to your customers and subscribers. This simple gesture will make them feel better and come back for more purchases.

Email marketing is one of the most powerful methods of online marketing. However, you must use it effectively if you want to get good results at the end of the day. Individuals who have used these campaigns in the past say that they increased their profits and sales significantly. Most of them retained their customers too.

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