Top 10 marketing tools that will help grow your business

Posted on 13.3.2017
Written by Eva Ciga

As the e-commerce business grows, several nifty e-commerce support tools are also on the rise. Marketing tools, metaphorically speaking, are your daily hammer and screwdrivers that you must own in order to efficiently grow your business. Here I outlined the top 10 marketing tools that will help grow your business.

Open Data

Most of the applications today are relying on the usage of open data. Open data is an information that is freely available to every person, and that is a great way for your business to engage with the wider audience.

Facebook Lead Ads

A powerful marketing tool. Instead of taking your potential customer away from this social platform when they click on the ad, Facebook Lead Ads gives you the opportunity to create pop-up based forms while the potential customer is still on Facebook. This pop-up form is already filled with user’s information from Facebook, and all he or she has to do is just review it, click on it, and keep doing what they do on Facebook. This way, the user does not have to go through a demanding process and leave their comfort zone on Facebook news feed, while you get to receive the information you requested.

Live Stream of Video Content

You can gain a big advantage on the market if you use live streaming for the promotion of your products and services on popular social networks like Facebook or Snapchat.


Use Canva for getting a great design. If you have a strict budget for your marketing campaign, but you need great designing elements then you should take advantage of Canva. This great marketing tool is ideal for creating visually appealing content that you can use on social media. It is a very easy program to use and offers great advice about ways for conducting marketing campaigns. Check out more about Canva here.


to build free brand logos. Branding is an important step in marketing campaigns and logos are important parts of branding. Spaces free logo maker has a large library of icons, font classes, and frames which you can use for creating a great logo that will represent your brand.

Post Planner or Buffer

Use one of these two great tools for manageable social media marketing. This effective tool helps you in planning and scheduling posts for days or weeks in advance for all social media platforms.


Trackr is an influencer marketing tool There are many nice tools that help you contact, manage and track influencers. Take advantage of this marketing tool to improve your business marketing plan and reach the people who can help you boost your brand.


We all know content is King! Boost your content with HARO. This marketing tool is very useful and efficient, helping you to enhance your content with some expert quotes. HARO connects the content writers with the experts in order to provide original and high-quality quotes for blogs, topics, and articles.


Use SumoME for growing your e-mail contact list by collecting data from your website users.  Their heat map feature is a great tool for learning how to improve the content of your site, and most importantly, it is free of charge.. and this is why this tool is included in my top 10 marketing tools!


Use Trello if you are just starting your business. This free-to-use marketing tool has many helpful features like due dates and checklists that can help you organise your campaigns.

And this ends the brief list of my preferred top 10 marketing tools

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