How to use LinkedIn to boost your eCommerce Business

Posted on 13.6.2017
Written by Eva Ciga

We all are familiar with how challenging it is to have an eCommerce platform. Finding the right customer leading to conversion is an ongoing process. Did you know you could use LinkedIn to boost your eCommerce business online?

Yes, everyone associates this popular podium online with others in need of a job. To some extent, this is true. That is why it is so effective and packed with great features producing awareness for your business.

Let us tell you a secret!  Let us show you how to use LinkedIn to boost your eCommerce business. Here is how you can get warm leads with LinkedIn, by sticking to the following advice:

Make an Impact

To make a strong impact the first 7 seconds counts. What is the first thing your prospects will see? Your LinkedIn company profile page and you need to set it up for success.

Start by creating your profile and display important information related to your business. Make certain the followings kept up to date:

· Contact details

· Business address

· Your logo

· Number of employees

· Links to your website and blog

· Keep media pictures up to date

· Videos as they make your page stand out

Infuse style and personality into your page and highlight all your accomplishments. Ask for recommendations as this helps to enhance your business. Add inspiring descriptions telling others about your trade. Create, a call to action, explaining how they can enjoy your products and services.

Be exact with your call to action something simple like “Lose Weight in Less Than a Week” — Click HERE! Stay connected with them.

Define Your Customer Audience

LinkedIn provides you with an amazing search, to filter and define your customer audience. View your target audience by company, location and more. The best part is you can save your search and get email notifications on a weekly basis with important leads to follow up.

Build a Fan Base

As with the majority of social media groups, other businesses and consumers can follow you. Build a fan base, making sure they receive updates on promotions, new products, and blogs available. Be active on LinkedIn as this helps to increase your presence.

Join the different groups available, network, send messages, and comment on posts. The importance is this helps you to keep an eye on other businesses and receive regular company updates. The other great feature you can use is LinkedIn Pulse providing you with the latest news.

Use it to publish articles related to your eCommerce business as this leads to prospects.

Use the Features on LinkedIn

With the many features available on LinkedIn, you can use them to your advantage:

1. The add connection – use this feature to add contacts. This helps you with suggestions of whom to connect with.

2. Make use of the old piled up business cards and put them to use on LinkedIn

3. Connect with family and friends as this boosts your network and is great for marketing. Connecting to friends and family on Facebook is one of the best marketing techniques to use on LinkedIn.

4. Meeting someone new on LinkedIn is amazing, so add them to your contact list as this leads to more business.

Reflect Your Brand

Now you have built a following it is time to give your fan base awesome content. You need to reflect your brand by showing them personality. Talk a little about your business and share important content related to the products you sell with helpful information related to it.

How? by using the share and update section available. Here you can link content to your online store or share mind-blowing videos about your products. Your followers see these updates. Disclose content that is valuable and related to your e-commerce network.

Leave the sales pitch for later they are boring and make it conversational.

Network and Connect

The sole purpose of using LinkedIn is to network and connect with other people. Network, with everyone as you never know who will become your customer. The first step is using the platform free, but by using the Premium account available gives, you access to powerful networking tools.

You receive expanded profiles and can view other people’s profiles visiting your page. Other ways are to find groups that work for you and stay with them. Figure out what groups work best for you and interact with them.

Stay in contact with people on your connection list as this leads to great opportunities once they arise. Networking is a time-consuming thing and takes time. Stick to it for a few months and you will reap the benefits as you meet new people and groups.

Create your own Industry-leading LinkedIn group

Another effective way to get networking and drive traffic to your e-commerce business is to start a group. Whether you sell sports items, health products, and more start a group network with helpful information related to your product.

Present customers with a value such as free samples, advice, webinars and more. This keeps your audience wanting to come back for more. However, it is important to identify your audience and create a name for your group communicating the topic.

Reach out to your connections, inform them you have started a group, and do something special for those joining your group.

Be Energetic and Become Active

To become an effective online business and develop strong connections to boost sales, take part in the LinkedIn Question & Answers page. Here users post questions to get answers and best not to exaggerate your brand.

Answer users’ questions without pitching your product or services. Always look for questions you can answer with knowledge and be concise. Reply to people by using the “reply privately” button to advise the person you have responded to their question.

Present them with a courtesy call to help solve their problem and present them with further help if needed.

LinkedIn powerful Analytics feature

Keep track of your progress by using the LinkedIn Analytics tool available in the page statistics section. Here you can monitor viewers on a month-to-month basis by their demographic. This helps you to tailor your content according to your client’s needs.

Patients is a Virtue

Never expect overnight results as it takes patients. Keep your page up to date, interesting and useful. Building a network for your eCommerce business can take months, however, once you have your audience LinkedIn works for you. The importance of the platform is to use it to generate sales and add significance, leading to new customers directed to your business online.

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