Card payouts  Credit and Debit Card Payouts

Debit card and credit card payouts are more useful than one might think. How often do we actually use our credit card or debit card to purchase goods from an online store? It is quite normal for a merchant to open an online merchant account to handle their online card processing needs and right after ship their goods or services, but are merchants really aware of a service whereby one may payout funds to a credit card or debit cart of a customer? Well, that exists and we offer credit card payouts services.

The process is simple; any merchant can send funds to their clients by entering the credit card number in the system and submitting the payment. Transaction limits for this kind of transfer is rather low and can vary between one merchant and another but generally our online payment processing partner is able to accommodate a few thousands euro per transaction. When more is required to be transferred, a merchant can send multiple transactions to the same credit card.

This credit card payout method is very useful for any merchant that has some form of payments to generate, whether local or international payments (perhaps outside of SEPA zone?). One can pay their contractors, employees or perhaps suppliers or even clients. This solution is quite efficient and sought after in specific industries such as gaming, betting, forex merchants or other trading platforms where the cardholder (client) has the opportunity to withdraw funds. Credit card payouts are not for every merchant, but the solution is promising and if one places a little thought, rest assured you will find good use for it.

Are you interested in paying your affiliates, customers or any one directly on their credit or debit card? AretoPayout is your answer. Credit card payouts are easy to use and require very minimum effort. Credit card payouts can be conducted via our back office or through an API.


Price starts at 2% + 6 EUR per transaction.


  • Visa and MasterCard support;
  • Debit and Credit Card payouts support;
  • API accessibility for more complex integrations;

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