Wire transfers  Wire Transfers

Wire transfers (also known as bank wires or bank transfers) are a common means of payment in today’s fast moving world. Generally a user would need to go to their online banking web portal and initiate a manual transfer if they require to pay a third party. We have a more convenient approach to this. Since specific industries require a significant amount of wire transfers to be done on a daily basis, therefore solely adopting the traditional manual process might be time consuming and inefficient; secondly, it would be nice to be able to connect your existing platform or system directly to a payment gateway which can manage these wire transfers. Perhaps upload banking details directly and therefore automate another part of the process, right?
This is exactly what one of our Czech based online payment processing partners are offering. Once your account is funded, you will be given access to AretoPay (our online payment gateway). Through our gateway you are able to create various wire transfer payments to your customers or any third parties. The wire payment normally takes roughly 3 working days to arrive and the process is handled securely and streamlined from the moment you click on the send button until the funds get to the destination bank account.
Are you interested in paying your affiliates, customers or any one directly to their bank account via wire transfer? AretoWire is a plugin to our online payment gateway AretoPay which allows you to send transfers via bank wire. You can integrate to this service through an API which would allow you to automate your wire payments hassle free!
Price at 0.75% per transaction for outgoing wire transfers and 1.75% for incoming wire transfers.


  • Incoming wire transfers;
  • Outgoing wire transfers;
  • Multiple currencies available including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD, AUD;
  • SEPA and non-SEPA payments accepted;
  • API available;
  • PCI compliant

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